Ongoing Learning

Intentional application for sustained behaviour change.

Best-in-class content and technology that provides deep and lasting behavior change. 

At FranklinCovey, we believe that intentional application is essential for generating sustained behaviour change. People don’t change behaviour by absorbing content – it happens through intentional application. 

Our easy-to-use technology motivates learners to complete intentional application by allowing them to reflect on where they are today through a 360 assessment, consume engaging content, practice in a safe environment and then apply learning in the real world. 

 The FranklinCovey Impact Platform includes features and functionality that makes intentional application easy – ensuring buy-in, engagement and persistence over time. 

Application Challenges

Application challenges encourage learners to take what they learned in class and apply it in the real world. This built-in social accountability increases the impact of learning. 

Automated Reinforcement

Automated reinforcement emails include microlearning content to fortify what they’ve learned.The automation makes application over time easy. 

360 Assessment

The 360 Assessment and self-directed reveal allow learners to understand where they are today. Additional 360 Assessments allow learners to track how they improve on skills over time. 

OnDemand Impact Journeys

OnDemand Impact Journeys are multi-week learning experiences built around core FranklinCovey solutions. The learning activities are spaced over time with automated reminder emails.  

OnDemand Microcourses

OnDemand Microcourses are skill-specific learning resources that take a few minutes to complete. The learning activities are pushed to learners over a three-week period


Microlearning helps learners solve acute problems they’re immediately facing. Access skill pages with microlearning content organized around key topics and then read articles or watch videos. 

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I love the programs offered by FranklinCovey because they allow our managers and leaders to have a common language across the company. Having a consistent language and tools helps our teams be more efficient and our employees more engaged.

— Training & Development Manager, Engineering Organisation

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