Reinforcement Coaching

Apply Learning, Create Accountability and Accelerate Behaviour Change

When organisations invest in professional development, they invest in their people and their future together. Investing in professional development shows individuals that the organisation has confidence in them and their ability to contribute. This act of confidence engages individuals and empowers them, but it does not guarantee application, accountability or change.

After all, behaviour change is hard. Even the most committed learners struggle to implement new ideas, concepts and frameworks into their day-to-day performance. Reinforcement coaching creates accountability to action, ensuring that the learning event becomes behaviour change.

Research shows that when reinforcement coaching integrates with a learning experience (e.g., Leading at the Speed of Trust®, The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team®, The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership®), it can improve the implementation of learning up to 400%. Reinforcement Coaching also drives the adoption of desired behaviour changes up to 4X faster.

How we Coach

Each FranklinCovey consultant coach is a subject matter expert. Using FranklinCovey’s coaching model, coaches encourage learners to explore insights and deepen their understanding of core concepts and ideas.

Our Methodology

Our coaching model creates accountability and provides the opportunity to apply learning to each person’s unique circumstances.

  • Prepare—Learners meet the prior commitments they’ve made and complete assigned work.
  • Clarify—The coach and learners clarify the outcomes of the coaching session together.
  • Learn—The learners revisit concepts and deepen their understanding. The conversation encourages the application of concepts to the unique circumstance of each individual.
  • Explore—The coach encourages the group to share knowledge, create solutions, and develop a plan of action for the challenges they are facing.
  • Commit—Each learner makes a specific commitment to act on before the next coaching session.
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My coach was both challenging and supportive. As leaders, we have limited time to assign topics that can have a significant impact on our performance or our teams. Coaching provides the space and time to dig down and identify the root cause to these issues and assign a workable plan to address them.

— Vice President, Global Healthcare Company

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